After a lifelong battle with eczema, skin expert and qualified Dermal Clinician, Sarah, was determined to create a solution.

Drawing on her years of industry knowledge, extensive studies, hands-on experience and scientific research, Sarah launched Above Skin in 2022.

Her vision was to create honest skincare from natural ingredients that works for a range of different skin concerns and delivers real, clinical results.

Sarah soon discovered the secret to this was Marula oil - the brand’s very first product.

Determined to help combat skin damage and inflammation brought about by modern life, Above Skin also has a serum and cleanser in the works.

“I had been working on my mindset for awhile and two quotes that I still live by today stuck with me. ‘A year from now you’ll wish you started today’ and ‘Doubt kills dreams more than failure ever will.’ I always held myself back with my own feelings of not being ready. I’ve now learnt that preparation and planning starts in the smallest steps and compounding them has been my route to my version of success. My fiancé also taught me the power of ‘just make the enquiry and ask the question’ and it all flourishes from there.”

“The day that I launched my first product. It was a soft launch, but I had finally put myself out there and the journey of doing what I’ve always wanted to do with my career had finally become a reality, and its not going to stop.”

“That personal branding and showing who I am is just as important, if not more important, for the business than the products. How easy it is just to make that first enquiry. Don’t try and do everything yourself - focus on what you’re an expert in.”

“The one and only (for now) Marula oil – it’s pure and organic, its repairing, anti-aging (when you pair it with products that promote cellular turnover), its such a powerful antioxidant packed with amino acids, and it keeps your skin super hydrated all day and night.”

“The same words of wisdom that prompted me to turn my business idea into a reality! Just make the enquiry and ask the questions, it all flourishes from there.”