If you’ve ever felt intimidated, self-conscious or unmotivated when it comes to trying out new workout classes, or even a little scared to go solo to the gym — you’re not alone. It’s a universal feeling, unfortunately, many of us have faced, and something fitness expert Libby Babet has made her mission to redefine.

It was with that motivation that Babet’s fitness concept, The Upbeat, was born. The dance and music inspired workouts, set to the beat, were born from the idea that exercise should be one of the best, most rewarding, parts of each day. No matter what kind of fitness goal you’re looking to achieve, Babet’s The Upbeat is there to cater to it.

What exactly is it though? The Upbeat is all female-focused, and combines a range of dance movements with signature pilates and HIIT, creating exercise classes that are fun, inviting, and as the studio describes, “a total vibe!”

In celebration of HBB’s spring Wellness Week, learn more about the innovative classes, and get to know how to try it out for yourself. Trust us, once you try it, you’ll never go back.

Babet’s The Upbeat offers up a variety of classes to suit different goals and fitness levels, all designed specifically for the female body. If you’re new to fitness, The Upbeat suggests starting off with a low intensity class to get into the groove of things.

There are a few different options to choose from when starting out, including:

  • Supertone (a pilates style workout)
  • Baseline (strength)
  • Greatest HIITS (no contact boxing)
  • Mixtape (strength and athletic cardio)

You can also check out The Upbeat Signature (a mix of pilates and dance) and work your way up to Dance FIIT (the studio’s most advanced Dance Cardio class).

Whether you’re tuning in IRL or on demand through The Upbeat app or Zoom sessions, you’ll always leave the beat based workouts feeling happy and energised.

This is one of the best things about all The Upbeat classes — while they’re all designed to the beat, it doesn’t matter if you're not the world’s best dance (or have two left feet). The environment is open and inviting, with a community that is judgement-free and there to have fun! The same goes if you’re feeling a little out of your comfort zone, the music is loud and the lights are low, so you can go at your own pace the entire time.

There are so many ways to join an Upbeat session! Firstly, you can visit the Bondi studio to dance along with a group, or you can join the studio’s Live Stream classes, which are broadcast so you can join their classes in real-time. Otherwise, dance along at home whenever you like with the studios On Demand workouts, which can be streamed when and wherever you want.