Since launching FIG Femme, Lindy Klim has become a passionate advocate for turning intimate care into a welcome part of our beauty routines — without the shame or secrecy that often comes with it. As a mother of four, Klim created the brand out of her own personal needs to find intimate-care products post-pregnancy.

The brand has since fostered a new breed of intimate wellness that caters to the most delicate areas of our body, with nourishing formulas and beautiful packaging. With daily washes, masks, and more, FIG Femme is offering up products that allow everyone to feel nurtured and empowered in their self-care routines.

As part of HBB’s ‘Love Edit’, Klim shares how she prioritises self-care in her busy routine, the reason she developed FIG Femme, and the little ways she turns ‘routine into ritual’. Read her Q&A below.

FIG Femme was created as a means to turn 'routine into ritual'. What are some of the ways you turn routine into ritual in your everyday life?

“Some important ways for me to change what could be a routine into a ritual is kind of switching my mind or my thoughts. For me, going to the gym became a routine, it became boring, I felt like I had to do it. When, actually, I didn’t have to do it. I wanted to be there, it makes me feel good. It’s a privilege for me to be able to go. So, trying to turn that narrative into being a positive I think really, really helps. Some other things like even having a shower, you can make that into a ritual by playing music, by lighting a candle. All those little things I think can really help.”

Intimate care is a part of our beauty routines we often neglect. Was this a factor when developing the FIG Femme range?

“I developed FIG Femme out of a need for myself. I, as a customer, could not find anything on the market that really spoke to me. Absolutely, there were already products on the market that were in the same category, but they were very clinical and outdated, there were some that I know my grandmother had in her bathroom and I felt that we needed something more out for us. We spend so much time on our hair, our nails, face and why would we neglect this part of our bodies.”

You're a busy mum and businesswoman, what are your best pieces of advice to women wanting to set healthy boundaries in their personal and professional relationships to make time for self-care?

“Self-care is so important, because if we’re not looking after us who is going to do that for us. I really honestly think we need to spend that time nurturing ourselves. I know as women, as mums, you can get the guilts and feel like you’re not allowed to spend time on yourself but it is honestly so important. I spend probably about an hour or so a day, whether that’s exercise, acupuncture, massage, having that moment to myself where I don’t have any outside noise coming in, I don’t have any kids banging on the door. I just want that hour for me and I know every day I have that. I don’t think it’s asking too much. I just think we as women need to take the time and learn to say no more and try and fit that into our schedule.”

What are some of your favourite products from the current FIG Femme range?

“Some of my favourite Fig Femme products are the intimate wipes, they are absolutely perfect for on the go. If you’re going to drinks after work, after the gym or going camping — any scenario, they are perfect for your handbag. Another of my favourites is the Refresh Daily Wash, you can use this [product] every single day in the shower or bath. Basically, before I invented this I would often use whatever body wash I had in the shower, which isn’t pH balanced or for that area. This one is probably my go-to.”

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