When navigating the daunting world of skincare, it can be hard to know where to start — or more specifically, which hero ingredients are going to provide the best results. Koko&Kush, an eco-conscious skincare label, knows exactly that, which is why founder Cindy Lim searched “high and low” to bring her hemp-based line to life. With fast-acting results, it’s easy to see why the local label is growing so rapidly, not only pioneering the future of hemp-based products, but is determined to do good, with refillable bottles that make your beauty routine a breeze. As part of HER BLACK BOOK’s Festival of Her, a shopping event to support female-founded businesses, Lim shares some insight into her business journey so far.

“Grit. The sheer determination I have to prove people wrong is something that keeps me going but it also means I am quite stubborn! I will always try my best to work smarter and not harder and always take time to learn and fully understand what I am needing to do so I don’t have to keep wasting time asking again.”

"Set aside budget and know when to outsource - I tried to do so much myself that I ended up feeling quite burnt out before I even launched. Figure out the things that you’re good at, the things that you can learn and outsource the things that you can’t and absolutely hate doing because you will reach your goals much quicker.”

“SLEEP was the biggest one for me! My partner would go to work at 5am and usually I’d still be awake. I almost felt guilty if I wasn’t working until the sun came up. We also sacrificed building our home and moved back into my parents house to invest all our money into Koko&Kush. It was hard but basically all or nothing for us. The end results of the products and brand coming to life was so worthwhile though!”

“I never really stopped to think about being proud of myself, but I'm most proud knowing that I could create an honest, sustainable skincare brand that actually works. It amazes me to know that there are people trusting the brand enough to purchase and then come back and purchase again! The feedback and support has been amazing and that is the best feeling for me and it’s why I continue to do what I do.”

“The stress and strain it left on a lot of my relationships and mental health was such a huge roadblock for me. I ended up having alopecia from all the stress and almost gave up about 32497 times throughout so I definitely felt a sense of imposter syndrome throughout the start up phase. I ended up joining a mentor program for female founders who were all in similar positions so it just made it so easy to talk to people that just understood how lonely it can be starting up a business being a female.”

“Anything comfortable! I do all the pick packing, admin and design work myself at the moment so anything that I can move around freely in or sit comfortably for hours is my go-to work outfit. Otherwise, a nice top as working from home requires lots of online meetings but definitely still trackies on the bottom!”