With summer just around the corner, it’s finally time to dust off our makeup bags for the much-anticipated return to our favourite activities—picnics in the park, days spent at the beach, and of course, long lunches at our favourite spots with friends and family. But while we might be a little out of practice (okay, a lot out of practice), we thought there was no better time to turn to one of the world’s most famed makeup artist’s to help guide us through the warmer months most sought after look: the daytime glow. You know the one, where your skin looks so effortlessly and flawlessly put together it’s as if it just naturally radiates like that.

Morphe's Global Director Nicole Faulkner, better known as Lipsticknick, knows a thing or two about getting that Hollywood-worthy glow, having worked on everyone from Cardi B to Dixie and Charlie D’Amelio (she’s even won an Emmy for her work). We asked the sought-after artist exactly how she would pull off that everyday look, from prepping the skin to perfection to the trick you’d probably never think of.

As any makeup artist will tell you, every good beauty look comes down to prepping the skin properly before getting started.

Skin prep when trying to achieve glowing skin is key,” Nicole explains. “I will always over-moisturise and then spray a ton of hydrating mist over the skin to really drench it, allowing some time for your skin to lock the hydration in before applying makeup. If I am after an extra glowy look, I’ll even go back in with moisturiser and eye cream to really make the skin glow!”

The products she’d enlist? “For a natural and healthy-looking complexion, I love the Morphe Glowstunner Hydrating Tint! It is infused with skin-perfecting ingredients like hyaluronic acid, so it really gives that hydrating glow! The formula is also SPF 30, so will keep your skin protected from the sun.”

Nicole also notes that swapping out your foundation for a tinted moisturiser can add a subtle, and healthy radiance, while also providing enough coverage.

“Using a Tinted Moisturiser over a foundation is great for this. The moisturiser gives the skin a subtle and healthy-looking glow while the tint gives light coverage to the skin. It is also great to give your skin a break from wearing heavy foundations every day! If you are after just a light tint to the face, the Morphe 2 Hint Hint Skin Tint is lightweight, and gives the skin such a beautiful radiant finish.”

After years of perfecting our own go-to beauty looks, it might seem strange to completely switch out your favourite products, but Nicole suggests upping the ante with unconventional eye colours.

“A great way to define the eyes without making them look too heavy is using brown mascara and eyeliner. It gives a subtle definition without looking like a full-blown Smokey eye!”

As for those wanting to add a pop of colour—we are heading into summer after all—Nicole says not to be afraid of getting experimental with your liner, going for something on the brighter side.

“One of my favourite ways to add a pop of colour into a look is coloured liner! It can amplify any look with little work. I also love adding a bright lip, the new Morphe Make It Big Lip Plumper comes in so many beautiful, vibrant colours that are perfect for Spring.”

Don’t forget to finish off your look with the products that are going to pull it all together, which Nicole says are mascara and of course, blush.

“I think having a great mascara is really one way to achieve the no-makeup makeup look! I recommend the Morphe Make It Big Volumizing Mascara. Also blush—either cream, liquid, or powder—can make such a difference and liven up the face.”

Image Credits:

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