Along with a healthy, balanced diet, plenty of water and daily SPF, there are a few key skincare ingredients that can help make your complexion even more radiant. By no means new to the beauty world, collagen is one of those holy grail ingredients to incorporate into your routine, known for its plumping qualites that result in seriously supple skin. From supplements to moisturisers and teas and even DIY mixes, there are plenty of ways to add hard-working collagen products to your skincare arsenal. Here are a few of our favourite places to find those collagen goodies.

Finding that 3pm sugar craving hard to crack? Let us introduce you to the delicious, healthy (but “naughty tasting”) range at Beauty Food. Founded by health and fitness specialists Libby Babet and Veronika Larisova, the brand takes all the guilt out of that afternoon munch. From cookies to nut butters and powders, each product is jam-packed with healthy ingredients and of course, collagen, not only keeping you full but providing extra nutrition for your hair, skin and nails. One word: Yum!

We all know we need to stay hydrated, and adding as many glasses of water into our day as possible is crucial to our healthiest selves. Now, you can add an extra dose of glow to your water intake thanks to Qwell’s revolutionary recipe combining premium hydrolysed collagen and pure water. The range comes in four delicious flavours — Watermelon, Lime, Peach & Green Apple.

SPF is a non-negotiable in our beauty routines already, and Naked Sundays have redefined how easy it is to reapply throughout the day. Not only has brand founder Samantha Brett launched the world’s first SPF top-up, their best-selling SPF Collagen Glow Creme is the perfect 4-in-1 primer to start your day off. Naked Sundays’ exclusive vegan collagen helps “guard against free radicals, promotes smooth, glowy skin", as well as adding "antioxidant-rich hydration and moisture." What more could you ask for from your daily SPF?

We all have our skincare routines down pat, but often, we forget to take care of other important areas of our skin — lips included. But truth is, we could all use a little something to ease those dry, winter pouts. Enter Imbibe’s nourishing lip treatment, with a volumising formula infused with active collagen peptides to stimulate and hydrate. With the brand’s all natural ingredients you’ll be on your way to smooth, moisture-rich lips.

A sweet, delicious recipe might not be your first thought when it comes to adding collagen into your beauty routine, but you’ve probably never heard of the signature range of healthy, nutritious snacks and mixes offered at Locako. From coffee creamers to gelatin gummies and our personal favourite, chocolate and peanut butter mousse, the keto-friendly offerings at the Australian-founded health brand are a great and easy way to add an extra does of collagen into your diet.

PEARL’s signature Marine Collagen Superpowders were created to promote firm skin, thick hair and strong nails, and the brand’s newly released Japanese Matcha should be considered your winter skincare saviour. The formula not only contains the purest source of 100 percent natural collagen peptides, but combines the brand’s premium collagen blend with freshwater pearl powder, organic native Australian Kakadu plum and ceremonial grade Japanese Matcha, making a delicious hot beverage to start or finish your day with.