Just because you plan to up your sweat sessions this year, doesn’t mean a complete revamping of your beauty routine. Instead, turn to a select group of hard-working, foolproof products that are going to keep that endorphin high going long after you leave the studio.

From skin scrubs and SPF to hydration potions and refreshing mists, adding these beauty favourites into your post-workout routine is a guaranteed way to leave yourself feeling refreshed, energised and polished for the day.

There’s no better way to get smooth, glowing skin than following up your sweat sesh with Bangn Body’s cult two-in-one coffee mousse scrub and mask. Thanks to its potent blend of antioxidant-rich extracts and Australian kaolin white clay, this mighty product has been designed to buff away dead skills all while leaving hydrated and plump looking skin in its wake.

Commit to the ultimate cool down thanks to Sabbia’s The Revive Fast Mist, your go-to mist to deeply refresh, hydrate, and plump, leaving a dewy, luminous glow — perfect for adding over the top of freshly exercised skin. Better yet? This potent mist is packed with Australian botanicals designed to boost collagen and elastin, with Aloe Vera and plant extracts to nourish and repair.

Always staying hydrated with water is an absolute must if you’re getting back into the swing of exercise this year, but for an even added dose of hydration look to The Beauty Chef’s HYDRATION Inner Beauty Boost Supercharged, a bio-fermented elixir for skin and gut health. Filled with coconut water, aloe vera and lemon myrtle, this mighty product cultivates healthy radiant skin and works to restore your body’s hydration levels and replenish your natural electrolyte balance.

A non-negotiable, as we all already know, when it comes to our skincare is SPF — and that’s why you need a trusty tube to always have on hand. The Kind Sunscreen, is a clean, chemical-free sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF30, made with all-natural zinc formula. You’ll feel good adding this product to your beauty rotation too, with its formulas made to avoid bleaching coral reefs, as well as all tubes being made from reused, existing plastic and carton constructed of recycled card.

For those days you just don’t feel like committing to a shower and blowdry after a workout (or you’ve completely forgotten to pack your dry shampoo), Slick Stick Hair is your perfect match. The pretty-in-pink slicking tool is designed to tame flyaways without leaving that oily or crunchy feeling, and leaves you a perfectly sleek and stylish finish.

If there’s one thing more inevitable than an endorphin high after a good workout, it’s the sweat left lingering in your roots. Don’t fret if you’re doing your morning grind and need to head straight to work, because having Batiste’s selection of dry shampoos handy in your gym bag will mean you can stay on top of it. Just a few quick sprays, a brush through and you’re good as new!

The road to healthy skin is never complete without a healthy digestive system, which is why Healthy Care’s Collagen Probiotics are the perfect finishing step to a renewed wellness routine in 2022. Formulated with Bioactive Collagen Peptides and specially selected strains of Probiotics that help promote a healthy digestive system, add this hard-working product to your routine.

No handbag beauty kit is complete without Naked Sundays revolutionary Lip Oil, a first with SPF. The beauty brand’s hardworking oil is infused with antioxidants to nourish, hydrate and protect while its soft pink colour leaves an effortlessly polished glossy shine to finish it all off.