Long gone are the days of skincare being an entirely external practice, with the wave of ingestible beauty now at the forefront of putting your best face forward. Skincare no longer exclusively includes your favourite serums and moisturisers, but instead also comes in the form of pills, powders and liquids that claim to have the same (if not more) benefits for your skin as the topical products you place on top of it. It’s also not just a healthy, glowing complexion that the ingestible beauty world claims to aid, but also promotes everything from healthy hair and nails to boosting mood and energy.

Read on for our breakdown of Australia’s leaders in ingestible beauty, from the world-famous collagen brand that’s cultivated a cult following, to the local favourites that promise to leave you feeling your best yet. It’s also important to remember that while ingestible beauty will give glowing results, the products aren’t magic potions and always work best when paired with a healthy, balanced diet and plenty of water.

SWIISH was founded by sisters Sally Obermeder and Maha Corbett, standing for exactly what the brand offers its loyal customers: stylish women inspiring inner strength, health and happiness. The brand's products include a range of superfood powders targeted for different areas of concern, including energy, sleep and gut health. Our pick?  The SWIISH SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder, designed to alkalise and energise your body.


One of Australia’s leaders in the ingestible beauty game, JS Health, founded by Jessica Sepel, is a range of vitamins and supplements designed to support inner and outer health. From protein powders to targeted supplements, the range addresses everything from mood balance to libido, and with a lineup of celebrity fans that swear by its results, it’s easy to see why JS Health has become a welcome addition to beauty cabinets everywhere.

Founded by Beth Levis, local label By Beth credits Australian bovine collagen in collaboration with native Australian botanicals to create three bespoke formulas targeted at inner wellness, designed with the mission to reveal radiance from the inside out. Better yet, all ingredients are ethically sourced and packaged in refillable containers, adhering to the brand’s ethos of leaving as minimal an impact on the environment as possible.

Anna Lahey’s global phenomenon Vida Glow might have started with the brand’s collagen powders, but has quickly innovated beyond its signature offerings to include further cult favourites, Anti-G-Ox and Collagen Elixir, flavoured with lemon myrtle and Manuka honey. Most recently, the brand announced a brand new innovation, Vida Glow Radiance, a daily capsule that targets dark spots, dark circles and melasma, leaving an overall increase in luminosity on the skin.

Known for its vegan and cruelty-free products, Edible Beauty was founded by naturopath and nutritionist Anna Mitsios, with the brand priding itself on creating non-toxic products that are safe and deliver unrivalled results. Its range of luxe products contain high-quality, pure, wildcrafted and botanical ingredients, including Australian native herbs with antioxidant-rich and skin-rejuvenating properties.

With a passion for raising awareness about the link between beauty and gut health, The Beauty Chef founder Carla Oates created a range of products that don’t just focus on making your skin glow from the inside out, but help you feel better too. The Beauty Chef selection now includes a range of bio-fermented, probiotic-rich wholefood supplements and organic topical skincare products, all of which are designed with the goal of supporting gut health and leaving you with your glowiest complexion yet.

As innovators in ingestible beauty, Healthy Care has quickly become one of Australia’s leaders in the space, creating their range of supplements, powders and more to aid in everything from skincare and wellness to oral care. Basically, every locally made Healthy Care product stands by the brand’s mission, to provide customers with quality Australian-made products that enable you to nurture good health.