Some of the most innovative, inspirational and high-quality beauty products have come from female-founded businesses. Covering everything from skincare to haircare, makeup to fake tan and more, you'll be surprised at what you can find in our Festival Of Her. We've highlighted just some of our favourite beauty brands you can find offers for in our app.

Founded by Olivia Boyd-Smith, PEARL by Par Olive is a pure and premium wild caught collagen supplement that has been crafted with sustainability and traceability at the forefront. Blended with Australian Native Superfoods & Freshwater Pearl Powder, the supplement is designed to stimulate fresh collagen production.

Founded by Elle Halliwell, Auricle Ear Seeds offers a needle-free form of acupressure (auriculotherapy) with their Ear Seed Kit. The seeds can be used to relieve everything from stress, anxiety and pain to weight issues, migraines, hormonal issues and insomnia.

Inspired by the traditions of Tonga, Male Feniu created FENIU which uses only the most natural, fresh and organic ingredients to nourish your body and skin. Having seen first-hand the incredible benefits of using naturally inspired ingredients, she saw the opportunity to create products of her own.

Driven by the mission to disrupt and redefine the future of oral care, Georgia Geminder founded Gem Oral Care which focuses on natural, innovative formulas. Proudly made in Australia, her products are developed using earth minerals, natural oils and oral pro-biotics.

Shhh Silk is a sleep, wellness and beauty brand founded by Olivia Carr that aims to improve people's lives through the power of sleep and self-care. They have a range of luxurious silk pillowcases, slips and scrunchies.

Founded by Elle Ferguson, Elle Effect offers a full range of tanning essentials including a self-tanning mousse, applicator mitt, plus a body cleanser/ tan remover. Their formula is cruelty-free, vegan and scented with real rose oil.

Mermade Hair is an Australian brand founded by Tara Simich, who believes that beautiful hair should be easy. Their team of hair enthusiasts create tools and products that inspire a new generation of hairdressers, stylists and the everyday girl.

Co-founders Emily Perrett and Aleks Allen were inspired to create Flavedo & Albedo after seeing how much plastic waste the cosmetics industry generates every year. Their high performance makeup is sustainably packaged and cruelty-free.

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