Believe it or not, Halloween is creeping up and if you’re like us, the month of October completely passed you by. But as far as costumes go, you don’t have to stress if you’ve left things a little late because there’s still plenty that can be done with a touch of makeup in tow. Ahead, take a look at the Spooky Season glam looks that you can easily pull off in a hurry.

It might have been years since we thought about Edward Cullen’s glittering skin, but TikTok’s latest beauty trend is taking inspiration straight from Twilight — and at the perfect time too. The trend started with makeup artist August (@imonaugust), who simply mixed liquid glitter with foundation to get the sparkling finish.

If you’re after a costume (and quick), let the eyes do the talking. Don’t think you need to have expert makeup skills to pull this off, because a few of our fave beauty brands and their genius products do all the heavy lifting for you. Follow Amelia Singson’s lead and enlist Paintlab’s eye stickers for a statement-making glam or if you’re after a sharp winged look, the Quick Flick eyeliner stamp makes it a breeze to execute.

Whether you’re channelling Morticia Addams, à la Sophie Turner, or just looking to add a vampy touch to your glam, there’s nothing more synonymous with the Spooky Season than a dark smokey eye. Arm yourself with the perfect pieces to make that a reality, and if you’re really looking to go all out, finish it off with a white powder to add a ghostly touch.

From Drew Barrymore’s daisy hairy pins to Jennifer Aniston’s effortlessly laidback overalls, there’s no better muse to channel than a ‘90s It-girl this Halloween. It’s easy too, with a few simple makeup staples. Think brown lipsticks and matching eyeshadow shades. Add in a hairpin or backwards cap and the outfit makes itself.