Mel Kovaceviv is the driving force and creator behind The Seed Cycle, an Australian first wellness offering that uses an all-natural technique of seed cycling to restore hormonal balance for women. Mel, a Functional Nutrition Consultant and Certified Clinical EFT Practioner, saw first-hand how the revolutionary method could create remarkable transformations for her clients, and knew she needed to bring everyone the tools to do it for themselves.

The Seed Cycle was born, creating a done-for-you solution to restore hormonal balance, naturally. From the brand’s newly released cookbook to bake mixes and subscriptions, learn more about Mel’s Seed Cycle journey and the business below.

“It started with my own personal health journey and my determination to end a war with my body. I set out to find an approach that was sustainable in the long term which led me to study nutrition as a hobby. This quickly became far more than just a hobby, it became my passion and career. I had clients coming to me about hormonal issues like mood irregularity, acne, weight gain, and difficulty conceiving.

"I knew there had to be a better way than band-aid medications working on symptoms than the cause which led me to Seed Cycling. I help my clients implement seed cycling and in a short time, saw transformations that were nothing short of remarkable. The only problem was, as busy women, my clients struggled to keep up with their daily seed routine. I realised what my clients really needed was a done-for-you seed cycling solution delivered to their doorstep every month. With encouragement and support from my family, The Seed Cycle bloomed.”

“A truly surreal moment was when we first launched our online store. To my delight, within just one month, we gained almost 100 subscribers and sold out of our products on a daily basis! It was truly an exciting time, considering we were producing and fulfilling all orders in our kitchen and dining table. Each day, I personally dropped off the packages at our local post office. It was clear that we needed to scale up, and shortly after this, we came to the realisation that we needed to move our operations to a dedicated factory.”

“1. The value of networking: Building relationships and networking with others has helped me grow my business and gain valuable insights and advice. I wish I started this sooner! I highly recommend attending industry events, joining local business groups, connecting and collaborating with other businesses on social media.

"2. The need for flexibility: Starting a business can be unpredictable, and things don’t always go to plan. I have learnt to be flexible and to adapt to changes based on the market, customer preferences, and other external factors.

"3. The importance of cash flow: I wish I had a better understanding of this when I started the business! It may sound simple and boring but understand the importance of cash flow for your business, including how much money is coming in and going out. Have a plan in place to manage your finances."

“Women-owned businesses have historically faced greater obstacles in accessing funding, networking opportunities, and mentorship, which is deeply disappointing. By supporting female-founded businesses, we can help to level the playing field and empower more women. I believe by backing our businesses, we can help to create a more vibrant, innovative, and inclusive world for everyone.”

"When you have that lightbulb, solid business idea act and move quickly! Take decisive steps to research, plan and make quick decisions. The name ‘The Seed Cycle’ was decided in a matter of minutes, business was registered, and we hit the ground running. Within a couple months we had everything we needed to make the products and our online store was live."

“There’s no force in this world greater than the power of a dream.” – Scott, Angel Land