Ask just about any woman what the non-negotiable product in her makeup stash is, and you’ll more often than not be met with the same answer: mascara. While some of us might love our blush and highlighter, and even wear a statement lipstick from time to time, it’s always the lashes that seemingly pull the look together—Every. Single. Time. Basically, why even bother with a smokey eye or dramatic winged liner (that no doubt took hours of patience and precision), if you can’t top it off with long, fluttering lashes?

Enter Lauren Curtis’ LOUNGEFACE Lash, a new no-fuss tubing mascara from the Perth-based beauty expert and influencer, that promises to be “longwear, dramatic and reliable”, which all sound like ideal attributes for an everyday mascara, if you ask us.

We know what you’re thinking though—influencer-founded beauty brands are a dime a dozen, and what makes Curtis’ stand out from the rest? Well, if you’re among Curtis’ 1.2 million Instagram followers (or 3 million YouTube subscribers), you’ll know that this product was a long time coming. Curtis and her effortlessly long and smudge-free lashes have become synonymous with her personal brand, which one could argue, is exactly why the recently launched product has already seen such success.

For well over a decade, Curtis has become a leading voice in beauty, not just nationally, but globally too, and instead of creating an entire collection of makeup staples, she chose to instead focus on one product to be the absolute best it could be. No doubt, with the success of LOUNGEFACE’s tubing mascara, Curtis will turn her sights to the next product in her collection (an eyeshadow palette perhaps?), but it was something her fans had long been asking for.

So, you know we just had to put it to the test. Curtis describes the product as the “ultimate mascara”, which is designed to visibly lengthen and lift lashes without smudges or flakes. As someone who doesn’t necessarily have a go-to mascara, more so ones I avoid (yes, that have been sitting in my makeup bag for who knows how long), I was excited to see exactly why it was being praised so highly.

The product is vegan, cruelty-free, and promises zero smudges, so that’s all a big plus, and it comes packaged in a simple pink tube—primed to sit perfectly among your other favourite makeup staples.

ONE - For the illusion of bigger eyes, pull the wand upwards instead of outwards and apply it to the first ¾ of your lash line. The final ¼ should follow the natural direction of your lashes.

TWO - Use the specially designed wand to help comb and separate your lashes as you go.

THREE - To create a natural look, apply a few coats of product to the top lashes only.

As a disclaimer, I always use an eyelash curler before applying mascara—whether it’s my everyday makeup or for a special occasion—so prior to applying LOUNGEFACE Lash for the first time, I had curled my lashes. That’s a personal preference, as I find if I don’t my lashes tend to droop, but it’s by no means a necessity.

From a single swipe, I was already pretty impressed, the specially designed wand expertly managed to separate my lashes and definitely delivered on its promise of length. There was no flakiness whatsoever, and the formula felt full but not heavy.

I was a tiny bit nervous when it came to applying on the bottom lashes though, as I’m someone who can never get it right the first try and the LOUNGEFACE bristles looked so close together I didn’t know how I’d manage to not touch them to my lash line. But after some slight concentration (okay, a lot of concentration), I managed and there was absolutely no smudging—like, at all.

As a go-to mascara, this teeny but mighty product certainly holds weight, and it’s already become an everyday favourite in my beauty bag. If you’re looking for a reliable, trustworthy mascara that won’t leave you with panda eyes five minutes after you leave the house, Curtis has managed to create it in LOUNGEFACE.

Image Credits: LOUNGEFACE