Sara Crampton's minimalist hub The Undone needs little introduction. The style star behind @harperandharley has for the better part of a decade been carefully crafting expertise in minimalist dressing, carefully picking pieces for her own wardrobe that are not only expertly crafted, considerably made but, of course, effortlessly stylish. Crampton brought that engrained ethos to her store, which has become known as a one-stop shop for elevated, contemporary wardrobe staples designed to last. As part of HER BLACK BOOK’s Festival of Her, a shopping event to support female-founded businesses, Donnelly shares some insight into her business journey so far.

“After building a personal brand for several years that spoke to a likeminded community of women who appreciated a minimal take on style, I saw incredible results in the affiliate sector and knew I was driving direct sales for brands. With a background in e-commerce, sales and marketing along with building a brand on social media, I wanted to streamline the shopping experience for my community, by curating a one stop shop that spoke directly to their take on style.

“The idea formed in 2015 and we launched the store the following year. I’m still as passionate about the brand as I was then and there is so much more I want to do with it.”

“I’m wanting to constantly learn and upskill, and I just wish I had time to do everything I want to do."

“I’m surrounded by friends that are running incredible businesses and they are constant sound boards and holders of great advice. Beck Wadworth who created the stationary brand An Organised Life and Eleanor Pendleton who runs the beauty media platform Gritty Pretty are both very close girlfriends of mine.”

“I’m a big podcast fan. One of my favourite things is driving into work and listening to a podcast. They come in all forms from sustainable business practices (Wardrobe Crisis), to conscious career advice (Offline) to listening to the career paths of others (Second Life). I have quite a few I tune into every fortnight.”

“Not taking an income from The Undone for a few years was a big sacrifice, but I did have my personal brand’s revenue stream to keep me afloat, and my evenings! There is never enough time in the day.”

“Not giving up in those first five years. I’ve always been our biggest cheerleader, I know the potential.”

“It would be from my family, who have run a family business for 40+ years and that’s the example that success takes time.”

“I have an annoying saying I tell my husband, you’re either a gonna do'er or a do’er. I think what makes you successful is simply taking the first step of giving something a go. Put your dream into action.”