We all know that swimwear is as much of a non-negotiable summer staple as our favourite SPF, but finding the right fit, cut and colour best suited for our bodies can be rather challenging, to say the very least. The fact is, many of us like to stick to the swimwear that’s been in our draws for years because we know it fits well and makes us feel our best. But this season, you might just be swayed to bid farewell to your trusty favourites thanks to the lust-worthy and figure-flattering swimwear on offer right now.

From printed statement-makers set to make a splash to classic silhouettes sure to last the distance, here’s our curated guide to some of the swimwear trends to put on your radar this summer.

This summer, you can’t go past a masterfully cut, ever flattering one piece in a classically chic block colour. Best for those who love clean colourways and an athleisure edge when it comes to their pieces, this is the silhouette for you. Of course, the brands made on Australia’s famous sandy shores have a reputation for creating some of the most world’s most favoured beachwear, including one-pieces designed with the perfect blend of comfort and style.

If you’re looking to make a statement this summer, you can’t go past swim that plays with cuts, colours and textures. From vibrant prints sure to turn heads to exciting shapes that push past traditional swim silhouettes to offer nostalgic throwbacks, here are the pieces that’ll make you stand out this season.

No longer does long-sleeve swim belong to the surfing crowd, instead, it’s become a favoured choice among those looking for not only a fashionable and sportswear-inspired upgrade to traditional one pieces but an added layer of sun protection. A break away from surf-inspired wetsuits, long-sleeve swim comes in not only a collection of lively prints but plenty of varying shapes as well.

Main Image Credit: Sir The Label