It can be easy, when searching for the ‘perfect’ Christmas gift to immediately look to your favourite retailers (guilty!). But, as we head into the festive season, there’s probably a place — or item — that you’ve never considered: pre-loved designer bags on eBay. And before you immediately think that finding a luxury item seems like a near impossible task, let us persuade you as to why some little slices of luxury are actually far easier to come by once you know where to look.

The resale market is booming right now and filled with items you likely never thought possible, offering up the season’s most sought-after pieces at a fraction of the retail price. Blame it on TikTok and the rise of eco-conscious shoppers looking to find items that reduce waste and environmental impact.

Unsurprisingly, eBay is the holy grail for finding pre-loved designer bags. The platform’s newly launched ‘Authenticity Guarantee’ takes all the guesswork (and stress) out of the entire shopping experience. Once you buy an eligible item (look out for the “Authenticity Guarantee” badge), the seller posts it directly to a team of qualified, professional Authenticators, who thoroughly inspect and verify the item’s authenticity. Basically, it means you don’t have to shop with a cloud of uncertainty of whether the item you’re wanting to snap up is genuine or not.

Better yet, the local facility is based in Sydney so you don’t have to wait weeks for international shipping. Plus, the platform covers all costs of the authentication process too.

So, if you’ve been looking to make more conscious, sustainable choices this Christmas, we’ve narrowed down some of the handbags you’re sure to love. From timeless icons to vintage and It-items, here are the pieces to look out for on eBay. Remember to look out for the blue tick, which will let you know if the item you’re looking for is genuine.

You’re no doubt already aware of the Prada Nylon resurgence, an iconic silhouette that was reissued by the fashion house with booming success. Luckily, there’s plenty on offer in a range of colourways and styles, so you’re sure to find one to suit your individual style.

Look to the street style at any of the world’s Fashion Weeks and you’ll come across one hero item: the Bottega Jodie. Daniel Lee’s signature style quickly became a cult favourite, with the practical, chic silhouette seen carried by iconic celebs and global style-setters alike.

An icon that needs little introduction, the Fendi Baguette was first introduced by Silvia Venturini in 1997 and has become a permanent fixture amongst the fashion crowd (and beyond) ever since. Whether you’re after embroidered, vintage or the classic embossed FF motif, this piece will always be in style.

Think of Christian Dior, and often the image of the fashion house’s iconic Saddle Bag will appear, one of the brand’s most legendary silhouettes. First introduced in 1999 under John Galliano’s helm, the design has since been a steadfast staple — thanks, largely, to its multitude of colours, prints, and textures that make it truly unique. It’s unsurprising this is a booming search on the resale market.

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