There’s a reason some fashion pieces land themselves at cult status and become a sartorial household name — they’re just that good. Among the few garments that can claim themselves at such standing are Agolde’s famed ‘Riley’ jean, known for its vintage blue wash, high-waist and signature crop. Basically, its silhouette contains the perfect trifecta, and are the go-to denim for many of the world’s most stylish faces.

We’ve long known of Agolde’s iconic jeans, but when yet another of the tastemakers we interviewed for HBB’s Black Book series named the Riley as their favourite pair of denim — including the likes of Kate Bond, Sarah Etinger, and Jessica Andreatta — we couldn’t help but see just how perfectly they style for three different occasions.

Below, shop HER BLACK BOOK’s edit of Agolde’s Riley jean.

Main Image Credit: @mariehindkaer