If Jules Robinson’s FIGUR proves anything, it’s that the brand founder knows what women want. Giving modern shapewear new life, Robinson’s FIGUR was designed for “confidence and comfort”, with the goal of making all women, no matter their size or shape, feel beautiful in their own skin. Sparked from her own experiences of not being able to find shapewear that fit just right, Robinson knew she could create the perfect product, and while the brand does focus on its range of products (which includes award-winning designs), FIGUR has become so much more than that — a thriving community that lifts and supports one another.

As part of Her Black Book’s The List, Robinson shares some insight into FIGUR’s success, and what it’s taken to get there.

“My vision with FIGUR was always to make it about all women. It was always to represent all different kinds of women, different shapes and sizes, so other women could see themselves in reflection. Having women apply to be ambassadors for the brand and sharing themselves and their story to me really executes how similar we all are as women. We all have a story. We all have vulnerabilities, and we all want to feel and look fabulous.

“Body positivity was such a big part of the branding of FIGUR. To be on the other end of body shaming and trolling I really wanted to amplify that any size is beautiful and working what you got is what self-love is all about. That is beauty. As FIGUR evolves, I really want to share the fashion staple, the armour to an amazing outfit can be shapewear. Certain fabrics sit better and accentuating your natural shape can make a good dress great. Size 8’s love shapewear too for that reason!”

As for what's next? “FIGUR Activewear is definitely my next venture!”

“Being aware of shapewear my whole life I was certain I knew how to make the most incredible pair that didn’t roll up or down and that was seamless and I could go to the toilet with my whole outfit still on and not on the floor, so that definitely was a point of difference. But the strong message of true confidence has no room for jealousy and envy. When you know you are great, when you accept yourself, your body, you have no reason to hate or judge others, you accept and love the world around you. Be that kind of woman. That’s a FIGUR Woman.

“This to me represents giving back to yourself, which then gives back to society, kindness and women feeling great and supporting each other, to me it's one big revolving door of positivity.

"FIGUR has now won an award for the ultimate shaping shorts.”

“Fashion does not stop at the size. Period. No matter how old we are, what size, or shape, we can all look and feel amazing. I have been many different sizes over the years and had my personal struggles of finding things that fit, so it’s really important I represent all woman."