In 2017, Jodhi Meares’ mother, Denise Macpherson, came face to face with breast cancer. Sadly, it’s a reality that more than 20,000 Australians will face each year. Sparked from her own family’s experiences with the disease, Meares’ activewear label THE UPSIDE has released a shop pink collaboration, launching the ‘Denise Bondi Crew’, which sees 100% of profits donated directly to the McGrath Foundation.

Her Black Book co-founder Sali Sasi, a breast cancer survivor, has lent her face to the campaign, appearing alongside fellow HBB co-founder and twin sister Julie Stevanja, to raise awareness. The pair, alongside sharing the important message, have also donated $1000 to the McGrath Foundation on behalf of THE UPSIDE to support the brand’s latest fundraising efforts.

Available in two pink colourways, THE UPSIDE’s ‘Denise Bondi Crew’ will raise funds to ensure no one goes through breast cancer without the care of a breast care nurse, with the McGrath Foundation’s goal to fund 250 McGrath Breast Care Nurses by 2050.

“We are so grateful to the THE UPSIDE for their support. It is thanks to the incredible efforts of corporate partners, like THE UPSIDE, that we can move closer to our goal of funding 250 McGrath Breast Care Nurses by 2050,” says Tracy Bevan, McGrath Foundation Ambassador and Director.

With the release, the brand is calling for its community to #STEPUP by gifting a friend or relative its Denise crewneck, to provide even more to the McGrath Foundation. But its message is much more than a call to action, its aim is to educate on the importance of physical exercise before, during and after cancer treatment.

While working on this current campaign, THE UPSIDE met 25-year-old patient Jess Wu, who during her experience with breast cancer, often turned to exercise. The brand shares Jess’ story discovering reformer pilates, something which gave her purpose and the opportunity to be surrounded by people. Now finished with active treatment, Jess continues to exercise every single day.

Throughout her experience with breast cancer, Jess was also cared for by Breast Care Nurse Peta Brydon, who provided invaluable physical, psychological and emotional support throughout treatment. The support of McGrath Breast Care Nurse is available across Australia for free.

THE UPSIDE’s ‘Denise Bondi Crew’ is available to shop now.