There’s perhaps no cocktail more fit to welcome the warmer months slowly creeping in than the margarita. Quintessentially fresh, the tequila-based favourite has long been a dinner party go-to, but while you might think the cocktail is simple to master — tequila, lime and salt — there are plenty of varieties to help keep it interesting (and, believe it or not, even more delicious).

Whether you want to add a spicy twist on the rim or looking for a fruity finish, the margarita is one cocktail that lends itself to experimentation. The team at Patrón certainly know how to deliver on that, crafting a new classic using their signature tequila, coming up with the Patrón Silver Basil Lime Margarita. It’s pretty much exactly how it sounds, adding a garden-fresh addition to an old favourite.

So, if you’re wanting to try something a little different this season, here’s exactly how to craft the Basil Lime Margarita — and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

60ml Patrón Silver30ml Fresh lime juice30ml Simple syrup4 Basil leavesSalt rimLime wheel for garnish

To create the Basil Lime Margarita is super simple. Start by combining all the liquid ingredients into a cocktail shaker, as well as three basil leaves, shake vigorously with ice to chill and finish it off by straining onto fresh ice in a rocks glass and garnish with a lime wheel and basil leaf. This is guaranteed to be your new Friday night classic.