Whether you’re renting an apartment or living in a forever home, chance are you’ll never stop hunting for fresh, new ways to enrich and enliven your space. After all, what’s more exciting than curating a home that’s the perfect trifecta — beautiful, cosy and functional. Of course, that’s all thanks to a few of our favourite trimmings, from fragrant, statement-making candles, luxurious cushions and throws, to tableware fit for entertaining. It’s no surprise that the past two years has amped up that search, giving a renewed excitement to make a space as uniquely our own than ever before.

If you’ve exhausted some of your usual go-to destinations for covetable homewares, let us introduce you to SSENSE’s range of home items that are sure to bring joy — from eccentric plates and glassware to unique planters and rugs. Below, we pick out some of our favourite pieces from the luxury retailer’s ‘Everything Else’ selection, and grouped by colour to truly fit your aesthetic.