If one of your 2022 resolutions was to take more time for yourself, there's no better way to do so than getting immersed in a gripping tale. It might not seem like the go-to answer when asking for fresh experiences to unwind and relax, but there's a reason novels with twists, turns and unexpected plots are so popular —they get us instantly hooked.

This year's highly-anticipated thrillers are no different, be it Lucy Foley's latest-suspense-filled novel to Sarah Pinborough's nightmare-inducing tale, which might just be even more viral than her previous best-seller, Behind Her Eyes.

If you were gripped by Leah Konen’s All the Broken People, get ready to be enthralled by her latest thriller, The Perfect Escape. The novel follows three friends who decide to take a girls trip to escape the realities of their divorces when they suddenly get stranded — and one of them goes missing.

Lucy Foley’s The Guest List is one incredible mystery loved the world over, and of course, her latest mystery is expected to be just as twisty-and-turny. The Paris Apartment follows Jess, who discovers her half-brother Ben is missing when she goes to visit him in Paris.

With reviews that describe it as “thrilling”, “intelligent” and “moving”, Danya Kukafka’s Notes on an Execution is an exhilarating tale that’ll have you hooked. The novel deconstructs the story of a serial killer on Death Row, only cleverly told through the lens of the women in his life.

If you’re planning a future getaway with your closest girlfriends, it might be best to refrain from reading Rachel Hawkins’ Reckless Girls until you get back. The story follows six 20-something friends who book a trip to Meroe Island, famed for being off-the-grid. The only problem? The girls have no idea just how remote the island is, and by the time they find out, it’s too late to turn back. Things go from bad to worse when one member of the group disappears as another turns up dead.

Eliza Jane Brazier’s Good Rich People will have you instantly invested, following the exploits of a wealthy couple who continuously destroy the lives of young entrepreneurs they invite to stay in their guest house. That is until they meet Demi, who might just beat the pair at their own dark, twisted game.

Award-winning author Peter Swanson is a master of suspense, which is why his latest work, Nine Lives, is one of the year’s most anticipated reads. It follows the story of nine strangers, who all receive a cryptic list with their names on it, which might not seem entirely sinister, but when each begin to die in highly unusual circumstances, the group must find out why and how to stop it.

If you loved Sarah Pinborough’s Behind Her Eyes (both the book and Netflix series), you’ll be absolutely gripped by the author's latest twisty, mind-bending thriller, Insomnia. The story follows Emma Averell, who suffers from crippling insomnia, whose condition leaves her feeling like she’s going slowly insane, just like the mother she tried to leave behind in her past.

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