In a world buzzing with choices, it's easy to breeze past the impact of our shopping sprees. But as we become more aware of environmental and ethical concerns, the call for sustainable alternatives grows louder. That's why we're stoked to roll out our Conscious Cart campaign, spotlighting brands that put the planet and its people first.


Leading the charge are trailblazers like Ettitude, carving the path for sustainable bedding and loungewear. With their eco-friendly materials like organic bamboo lyocell, every purchase feels like a step toward a greener tomorrow. Plus, their innovative production methods keep waste and water usage in check, setting a new standard for responsible manufacturing.

We The Earth

We The Earth stands out with its unwavering dedication to conscious decisions and responsible practices. Committed to ensuring that every step of their production process aligns with ethical values, We The Earth exemplifies the potential for fashion to be both stylish and sustainable. From chic handbags to statement accessories, each piece from We The Earth tells a story of ethical craftsmanship and conscious consumption.

Fig Femme

Fig Femme, a women's intimate care brand, champions sustainability in every aspect of their ecosystem. From their intimate washes to wipes, they prioritise ethically sourced ingredients and materials, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout their production chain. With a commitment to minimising their environmental footprint, Fig Femme integrates viable practices into their daily procedures, setting a standard for sustainable intimate care products.

Noun Collection

Noun Collection's fragrances are not only captivating but also highly renewable and mindfully designed to minimise environmental impact. Utilising a combination of natural origin ingredients, essential oils, safe synthetics, upcycled, and biotechnology methods, Noun Collection embraces 'green chemistry' to maximise efficiency and minimise hazardous effects on both people and the planet.

Peg Paste

Peg Paste, an advanced toothpaste proudly formulated in Australia, embodies a holistic approach to oral health that resonates with the entire body. Anchored by the potent synergy of Hydroxyapatite and prebiotics, Peg Paste is expertly crafted to ensure optimal oral well-being. Hydroxyapatite serves as a cornerstone, actively remineralizing teeth and strengthening enamel while mitigating the risk of cavities. The integration of prebiotics nurtures a balanced oral ecosystem, promoting immune defences and overall gut health. Peg Paste champions a brand ethos that supports oral health and the broader vitality of the body.


And let's not forget Tulita, redefining the fragrance experience with ancient wisdom for modern articulations. Steeped in the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, each fragrance is a rich remedy of flowers, plants, bark, and plant roots, infused with natural remedies known for centuries to balance the chakras. With a commitment to being 100% Naturally Derived and free from harmful synthetics, Tulita embraces the upcycling of select botanicals to lessen their environmental impact, always prioritizing ethical ingredient sourcing.

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