Ever since swapping out the bustling cityscape of Los Angles in favour of the idyllic shores of Byron Bay, actress Elsa Pataky has become a vocal and passionate advocate for the breezy, community-driven lifestyle offered up by the New South Wales town. Making the move alongside husband Chris Hemsworth and their three children in 2014, Pataky has used the coastal backdrop as the inspiration behind her latest venture, Purely Byron.

The newly-launched skincare range was founded alongside two “amazing women”, as Pataky describes, with the skin experts and actress joining forces to create products that use natural botanicals grown in the Byron shire. Anyone familiar with Pataky will know she’s got a passion for natural ingredients, and this has come to life in the range, as well as “capturing the essence of Byron.”

“I have always had a love for skincare, but when I moved to Byron, I discovered the incredible range of natural, native botanicals grown in the Byron Shire,” Pataky shares with Her Black Book. “They’re incredibly effective on the skin, and that was something I wanted to share with the rest of the world. I also wanted to create something that we could make locally and give back to my community too.”

Beyond the hard-working formulas, the Purely Byron range also gives back to the “magnetic community that gave me the inspiration”, as Pataky says, with the team working with locals and sustainable practices, as well as with a clear plan to support the community.

“It was so important,” says Pataky of giving back. “Protecting our environment is something I’m very passionate about. I was conscious of our footprint on the environment and community, so we made sure a sustainable approach was at the heart of everything we do.”

The range features nine products, all with natural formulations and sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients, bottled in recycled packaing, all of which were incredibly important factors for Pataky and the Purely Byron team when bringing their skincare collection to life. It also has the help of local experts, another important part of the creative process.

“The name Purely Byron is 100% true! Everything is created here. All our products, the people designing the formulations down to the local ceramicist! The community inspired me to create this brand, so I want to give back every way I can. And to be a Byron brand, you ‘gotta be made here! Our manufacturer is also a family owned, female run business so that’s pretty special too. Also, we’ve achieved some incredible things with our packaging, using post-consumer recycled plastic in all our products. Everything is recyclable!”

A growing beauty empire is only one portion of Pataky’s hectic schedule, with three young children also keeping her incredibly busy. Finding ways to stay calm and grounded have become non-negotiables in her routine.

“I am a huge fan of yoga – it helps to calm my mind, I always feel more grounded and energised after practice. I love horse riding too, it makes me really happy. I also try to include small rituals throughout my day, which allow me to pause and take a moment for myself – this includes my morning and night time skincare routines, which I am excited to share with others through our custom Purely Byron rituals.”

Pataky adds that she also likes to set “achievable goals” everyday. “These can be really minor but completing something everyday really gives you a sense of achievement and the drive to take on the next day.”

As well as her new role as a beauty mogul and mother-of-three, Pataky continues her acting career, recently appearing as a lead in action film, Interceptor, a role that she not only describes as a “dream come true” but one she hopes will one day inspire her daughter.

“I grew up watching action movies, I love them. The preparation was challenging, I trained for nearly five months before the film began shooting - it was really hard! It was important to me to be able to show my daughter that nothing can stop you just because you’re a girl. You can be strong, you can do whatever you put your mind too.”