We’ve all been there—you’re feeling fatigued, stressed or just a little under the weather, so you turn to your local chemist to take a look down the filled-to-the-brim vitamin aisle, with supplements in bright bottles claiming to aid in everything from stress to sleep and everything in between. And while yes, supplements are a sure way to aid health from the inside out, often pinpointing which one’s are best for you can feel almost impossible, inevitably leaving you picking up an assortment of varieties that target your health concerns (which, as we know, can result in a pretty hefty bill).

Enter Vitable, a bespoke vitamin subscription service that takes the guesswork out of supplements. Founded by Larah Loutati, the Australian founded company is flipping the usually daunting and overwhelming task of vitamins on its head.

Loutati explains of the brand’s inception. “Feeling burnt out and looking for support through supplements, I went to the chemist and found myself browsing through shelves full of thousands of similar bottles and one-size-fits-all products. I found the experience extremely overwhelming and knew I wasn’t the only person who has felt this way.”

It was here that Loutati saw a huge gap in the $1.5 billion wellness industry, deciding to take matters into her own hands to create a service that she herself was looking for—along with thousands of others across Australia.

Loutati explains. “This is why I decided to start Vitable in 2019, and I have been running it since then!”

Since 2019, the brand has seen booming success, and rightfully so—as well as being Australian owned, manufactured and produced, the company has become a leader in ingestible beauty, providing customers with an easy and affordable way to integrate the supplements they actually need seamlessly into their lives. And yes, without the hassle of navigating the vitamin aisle.

The mission of Vitable is simple, to provide customers with subscription supplements that aid in what their specific needs are. Basically, the company cuts out the middleman (and unnecessary vitamin additions) to help you get the most out of your health.

“We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to supplementation,” says Loutati. “While the idea of a standard multivitamin is good in theory, all of us have different needs, goals, diets and lifestyles.

“By attempting to cater to everyone, most of the vitamins you find in supermarkets and grocery stores don't have the ability to truly benefit every single person—chances are, you don't really need half of what is in your generic brand multivitamin—and what you do need might not be in there.”

Loutati adds that the benefit personalised supplements have over traditional multivitamins comes down to potency.

She explains. “At Vitable, we wanted to provide consumers with a supplement routine specifically designed for them and their own individual needs, whilst also giving them the full dose required for each vitamin, so they can get the most out of their regime.”

Basically, you input the concerns you’re looking to target—stress, fatigue, sleep and so on—and Vitable creates your custom package, sending out a monthly supplement subscription that you then take daily. It’s as simple as that. “Establishing your personalised vitamin regime with Vitable only takes a few minutes. Customers can take a quick, 5-minute quiz to answer questions about their unique health goals, lifestyle and diet—like whether you want to help manage your stress, boost your energy levels or support your skin health. From this snapshot of your unique needs, our science-based algorithm will create personalised recommendations that best suit your profile. There are tens of thousands of different combinations, tailored to each individual's needs.”

The Vitable experience, as Loutati explains, understands that “life happens” and knows that individual customers needs may change over time, which is why Vitable allows you to adjust and adapt.

She says. “However, we do know that life happens, seeing our health goals, diets and lifestyles change over time. Customers can easily readjust their packs to reflect those changes anytime. We also have an in-house nutritionist that offers customers additional support with tailored lifestyle and diet plans.”

For Loutati, who grew up in Morocco but has called Australia home since 2015, it was important to ensure her company was not only manufactured in Australia using the highest-quality local products but that Vitable’s packaging was sustainable too.

She says. “Our manufacturers also have to comply with the strict Therapeutic Good Administration standards which also ensure that the quality of the Vitable vitamins is second to none.”

While she admits “Australian-made products are usually more expensive to produce,” it was important as an Australian brand that the company choose to support the local economy by manufacturing all their products locally.

“All our packaging is made in Australia as well,” Loutati adds. “The manufacturing of Australian-made products has strict environmental protection policies that need to be followed during the production process. Buying local also means a reduction in energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions that usually result from importing products from overseas.”

While currently Vitable only offers the subscription supplements service, as well as speciality powders, Loutati has big plans for the future, including the introduction of the company’s Mobile App that helps customers support their health goals. “Our mission has always been based on leveraging technology to simplify consumer health,” she explains. “As such, we have also developed a free Mobile App to help customers track their progress and get personalised diet and lifestyle tips to support their health goals.

“We believe everyone deserves honest guidance and natural, high-quality nutrition. We want to add something special to people’s lives, enabling them to really feel empowered and knowledgeable around the connection between their body, good nutrition and optimal health. Overall, this will help them to really take charge of their wellness, making a lasting and positive impact on their lives.” It’s that ethos that powers everything the company does, with Loutati adding that Vitable will “continue to add value using technology and smart systems to offer a novel, personalised health solution in an over-crowded and outdated industry.”

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