There are few women who exude as much pure determination as Alyce Tran. The corporate lawyer-turned-entrepreneur has two booming businesses under her belt—cult accessories label The Daily Edited, of which she has recently departed, and In The Roundhouse, a collection of unique and modern dinnerware that has quickly cultivated itself as one of Australia’s most covetable homeware brands. With such a successful knack for creating what consumers are looking for in both their wardrobes and homes, it’s clear Tran knows good style.

Peering into Tran’s Black Book, the business owner shares the most treasured pieces in her wardrobe (including an enviable collection of Chanel and Bottega Veneta), her most regularly repurchased beauty item, as well as highlighting a love of fellow Australian-made fashion and homeware brands.

“The most treasured items in my wardrobe are my Chanel jackets. Anything Chanel will always be in stylefrom flats to their tweed jackets.”

“I actually love Camilla and Marc denim, the washes and the fit really work for me!”

“My most regularly repurchased beauty item is the La Mer The Eye Concentrate.”

“The three makeup staples I use on constant rotation are primer, foundation and blushI love having a fresh and clean looking face.”

“The homeware pieces that always make me feel at home are my small Dinosaur Designs vases, anything from In the Roundhouse and Helle Mardahl glasses.”

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Image Credits: In The Roundhouse, Camilla and Marc, La Mer, Chanel