Matilda Robertson - STAX co-owner

Get ready to dive into the dynamic yet fashionable realm of Matilda Robertson, the co-owner behind STAX. If you haven't yet discovered STAX., brace yourself for a style journey like no other. Together with her partner-in-style, Don, Matilda has been making waves in the activewear scene in Australia for a fabulous decade. But what's the story behind their fashionable venture, and how do they strike the perfect balance between work and glamour?

You joined STAX.with your husband, Don. What inspired you to be involved in the cult-loved brand?

"I’m really passionate about inclusivity - STAX. started 10 years ago, and there was a huge gap in the market for activewear that really catered to everybody. STAX. was the first activewear brand in Australia to size from XXS to 4XL (size aus 4 - 24), so creating a stylish product that is wearable for everyone is something that really excited me. I also know exactly what I like in activewear and I couldn't find that anywhere without having to break the bank."

You and Don share a lot of your business and personal life with your followers, and you have an incredible relationship with one another. What's the secret sauce to having a harmonious work and home life together?

"As cliché as it sounds, it’s Don & I vs. the problem, never Don & I vs. each other. Remembering that is so important; understanding that we both have the same vision/end goal, and we’re trying to get to the same result keeps things harmonious (most of the time lol)."

Outside of your role with STAX., what are your passions or hobbies?

"Online shopping, eating, and watching Criminal Minds."

If you weren't helping build STAX., what do you think you'd be doing instead?

"My background is recruitment, so if I were me back before STAX, I'd probably still be there (I worked in the industry for 8 years), but me now; I’d work in PR, marketing, and/or branding."

What's your go-to pump-up song or anthem when you need a burst of energy or motivation?

"It used to be ‘Unwritten’ by Natasha Beddingfield - it was my morning alarm and everything, but now it’s trending again, I feel like I need to find a new one."

What's the most unexpected or unusual talent you possess that your team members might not know about?

"I am really fantastic at song lyrics; one listen and I know the words. Also great at picking up on typos, but I know for a fact my team is well aware of that one."

You’ve fast become a style icon to many. How do you describe your style + what is your fashion faux pas?

"Oh, thank you so much! You know I would have said leopard a year ago, but I just bought a leopard coat (which Don HATES), so who knows - I think wearing something you don’t feel comfortable in is the biggest faux pas!"

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There you have it! Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a fashion enthusiast, or both, Matilda Robertson isn't just the co-founder of STAX; she embodies fashion-forward flair, inclusivity, and glamour. So let's take inspiration from her style playbook and continue strutting forward, embracing every chic twist and turn along the way.

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