You’ve no doubt come across the chic, sleek and covetable creations of IMBIBE Living, an Australian-founded wellness brand focused on bringing its community the best naturally-sourced ingredients and science-backed formulations, all with sustainable choices at its core. Felicity Evans, the brains behind the brand, came up with the idea when with two young daughters to care for, she was diagnosed with an autoimmune condition that made taking care of her wellness seem near impossible. The reality, as Evans knew, is that we all want to feel our best, which is why she took matters into her own hands, creating from humble beginnings on her kitchen table what is now the powerhouse IMBIBE.

“As cliche as it sounds, the inspiration behind starting IMBIBE was wanting to show up to life with more vitality and energy and luminosity,” Evans explains. “I was stuck in a very bad spot with intensive digestive issues, an autoimmune condition, hair that stubbornly refused to grow and very, very nasty bloating that refused to go away. I was sick and tired of living like that and wanted the energy to keep up with my daughters.

“I started researching why I was really not well despite eating the right foods and doing all the right things. Turns out, the state of my gut was in extreme disrepair and I needed a solution to get me back on the right track. What I was doing just wasn’t working, so I decided to find a team of scientists and microbiologists who could take the kitchen trial multi-strain probiotics that I was making and turn them into a robust solution for my gut troubles. From that point, Beauty Renewal and Miracle Collagen were created and I’ve never looked back.”

Years on, the brand has become one that many look to when trying to take control of their inner health and continues to innovate and push boundaries.

Here, the beauty founder shares a peek inside her Black Book, revealing her “simple, bright and occasionally outlandish” individual style, her favourite ways to incorporate IMBIBE into her every day, and the treasured homewares that bring her Byron Bay abode together.

"Also creating such an incredible and dynamic community of customers around us who have also reversed some chronic conditions they were facing—the amount of incredible before and afters we see is heartwarming. Seeing so many of our customers' healing journeys and skin-confidence returning continues to be an incredible highlight.”

“The most treasured item in my wardrobe is my grandmother’s cashmere blue knee-length jacket that I never wear because of the Byron Bay heat and humidity, but I will hold onto it forever and pass it down to my daughters.”

If you have five minutes to leave the house, what are you putting on…

“This is literally every day for me with three kids and the school run. Always black Mum jeans (high waisted) with a white tee—this combo is so simple but always makes me feel polished; a quick lick of Collagen Lips and a brush of the brows and we’re good to go.”

“For me, beauty always starts from within. There is no cosmetic or beauty tool that can cover up damaged and inflamed skin, so my most regularly purchased beauty item is our best-selling Miracle Collagen (lucky I’ve got someone on the inside!).”

"I rarely wear makeup, so a bottle of this will last up to 18 months and it’s just so good. I also love the eyebrow tinted wand from Morphe.”

My typical daily skincare routine takes less than two minutes (Mum-Life!) and is the same routine morning and night. Morning is a cold shower followed by our Collagen Restore Gel-Serum (intensively hydrating, cooling and healing) followed by our Collagen Protect Oil-Serum (seals in moisture, protects from blue light and UV damage). Then a lick of our Collagen Lips to hydrate and plump my lips naturally.”

"An eye cream from our lab samples (coming to market soon) and always an SPF—I’m currently using one from O Cosmedics, it's absolutely the best I’ve tried. This is all done in 2-3 min in between brushing teeth, getting dressed and generally breastfeeding too!”

"A good natural BB cream with SPF—I’ve been using La Mav for years now because the coverage is light and it contains skin-nourishing, all-natural and organic ingredients.

Morphe Eyebrow tintI learnt from a makeup artist that fuller eyebrows balance the face, I'm all into that! I take a very natural approach to my face and don’t get my lashes or brows done, so this fills them out a little bit nicely.

Mascara to lift and open the eyes, I use either Ere Perez or Eye of Horus.”

“My go-to self-care rituals are chocolate, tea and a hot lavender bath. Ocean swims and kisses with my daughters.”

“I literally use IMBIBE products several times a day. A Beauty Coffee to start the day is always a must—add two teaspoons of Miracle Collagen to your coffee, do it daily and report back to me in 4-8 weeks with your feedback! It's insanely good at repairing and plumping the skin (& your hair and nails will grow like crazy).”

"Beauty Renewal over ice in the late afternoon as my gut pick me up. Collagen lips from my handbag when I’m sitting in traffic. V Oil before love-making.”

“When entertaining at home, I always add a gingham linen tablecloth! It’s the easiest way to give every meal a little polish.”