Milka Yemima is not your typical ‘influencer’—the Brisbane-based curve model and social media personality is, in fact, much more than meets the eye. Many might know her for peeling back the curtain on her everyday life, sharing everything from her enviable fashion to her signature haircare routine, but Yemima’s growing audience is thanks to her unique brand of authenticity. Through her social media, the model has become known for speaking candidly on everything from identity to mental health, cultivating a community that encourages one another to accept themselves for exactly who they are, as well as raising awareness around issues of mental health, which she became passionate about through her education, completing diplomas in Social Services (Mental Health & Counselling) and Disability Support, (as well as her most recent venture, a psychology degree).

Describing her individual style as “quite eclectic”, one peek to Yemima’s Instagram and you’ll be transfixed by her colourful and vibrant wardrobe, as well as her penchant for more understated classics. Here, Yemima shares with Her Black Book the fashion pieces she’ll forever treasure, as well as her self-care favourites and her love of leafy greenery to fill her home.

“My most treasured wardrobe item would have to be this stunning duster coat I got a few years ago (I can’t remember where from!) It’s a beautiful clay/orange colour and it makes me feel so loud and powerful. I only get to wear it a few weeks out of the year but it’s still my favourite piece.”

“My most sentimental piece of jewellery is this gold necklace that my mum brought back from Benin (my home country) a few years ago that my grandmother had made especially for me. I hadn’t been home in many years and had planned to spend this summer with her, obviously with the state of the world that had to be postponed yet again. So I hold onto this necklace until I can see her again.”

“The best pair of denim I’ve ever worn is this pair of mom jeans I got from Decjuba earlier this year and I have been wearing them nonstop. I have quite a straight body shape and I’m also quite tall so it can be hard to find jeans, specifically mom jeans that fit properly. These ones fit me like a glove and are so comfortable.”

“My most regularly repurchased beauty item is the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturiser. It just gives me a little coverage while still allowing my skin to breathe and giving me the most effortless glow. I’m learning that less is more for me these days.”

"I also love a good vitamin C for brightening and a good niacinamide to help control breakouts.”

AM Routine

Cleansing: “I love MCoBeauty salicylic foaming cleanser.”

Vitamin C Serum: “I love the vitamin C in a moisturiser from Dermalogica.”

Hyaluronic Acid: “I love the serum again from MCoBeauty, and I always finish with a moisturiser and an SPF.”

PM Routine

Cleansing Balm: “I always start with a cleansing balm to help break down any dirt, oil or makeup. I love Ultrabland from Lush, and cleanse again with a gentle cleanser.”

Exfoliate: “I do this every other day, and at the moment I’m using one from MCoBeaty.”

Serum: “I layer with my niacinamide serum, before following with a retinol, right now I’m using one from Swisse.”

Moisturise/Night Cream: “I’m using the Avocado Sleep Mask from Glow Recipe.”

“Next I’ll do a face mask, again probably from Lush or if I’m feeling fancy I’ll use my UFO from FOREO with a treatment. I also love going in with a face massager of some sort, I love the Gold Sculpting tool from Imbibe to give a relaxing massage.”

“I’d finish off by moisturising from head to toe, usually using an oil because my skin can be quite thirsty, and light a candle! My favourite is the Vanilla Caramel from Glasshouse.”

1. “The Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser, it’s the perfect product for subtle coverage and glow while still allowing your skin to breathe.”

2.“The soft orange bronzer from It’s All Fluff. I am obsessed with how good darker skin tones look with orange bronzer/blush and this one has the perfect tone.”

3. “The tinted brow gel from Mecca Cosmetica is a perfect brow taming gel that also helps make any sparse hairs look thicker.”

“When entertaining at home, I always include linen, it’s timeless and gives such a luxe feel. I always have a white linen tablecloth, linen placemats and napkins. I also mentioned how much I love gold, and this extends to my kitchen too—gold cutlery and serve wear really just elevate anything. I always finish off with flowers too. A beautiful bouquet of anything yellow or purple to bring some colour will have your table looking amazing.”

Lately, I’ve been experimenting a lot more with colour and have become really invested in bright pastel pieces.

From my mustard yellow linen in the bedroom to my pastel purple crockery, I just cannot go wrong with colour and it really makes me feel at home and adds a ton of life.”

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