A lifelong dream of becoming a model seemed out of the question for Sarah Bolt, until a move to New York where her life changed for the better. Originally there to be a nanny, she was scouted by a modelling agent, signed to an agency and as they say the rest is history.

Growing up in Berry in southern NSW, Bolt also lived in London and Bulgaria, but it was her move to New York that well and truly captured her heart. She loves the diversity, incredible food and the atmosphere, not to mention the creative people that she has become lifelong friends with.

It’s the city that has inspired her Black Book and is also reminiscent of her favourite movie, The Devil Wears Prada, which inspired her younger self to pursue a career in fashion. Bolt is grateful for every opportunity that has come with her modelling career, but the most rewarding part has been the people she’s met along the way.

Taking a peek inside Bolt’s Black Book, we uncover the wardrobe staple she can’t live without, the skincare oil that she swears by and the daily routine that sets her up for a productive day.

“My ultimate wardrobe staple, this season and every season is a blazer. Right now, I’m lusting over Maggie Marilyn’s “Power to You Blazer” in Magenta.”

“My favourite jewellery brand is Slani! I love that it is a sustainable, Sydney-based, female owned business."

“If I’m heading to a shoot, then I will always opt to wear something comfortable. My go-to would be some relaxed pants, button up shirt and open toe slides.”

“I have been using Supple Skin’s hemp oil since the start of 2020 and it has changed my skin dramatically. I always stock up when I’m getting low!”

“My makeup staples are the Refy Clear Brow Sculpt, Refy Malaya Cream Blush and NARS radiant cream concealer.”

“Since high school I always loved Tommy Hilfiger's Tommy Girl and would say that’s my signature scent. I also am obsessed with BYREDO’s Pulp.”

“Sticking to a routine is my biggest self-care ritual. I love doing my skincare routine, getting a good night’s sleep, going to the gym in the mornings, walking to my local coffee shop to get my daily dose of coffee and making myself a nourishing breakfast.”

“I love Dose & Co’s pure collagen or collagen creamer! I usually add this to my morning coffee.”

“I love having colourful art on my walls, beautiful, lush sheets on my bed and flowers / candles to make my space smell nice.”