When sisters Nerelle and Rochelle launched their lifestyle blog, @swankandroche, it was a means of sharing their love of fashion, travel, interiors and more — but while it started as a simple passion, the pair’s platform has since become a go-to place for elevated, sophisticated yet simple style inspiration. And while both Nerelle and Rochelle’s individual styles are similar in taste, the duo bring a unique twist of their own to each ensemble — an element that has made them truly stand out. If you’re a fan of feminine, on-trend and effortlessly chic fashion, check out @swankandroche.

Below, Nerelle and Rochelle share some of their favourite fashion, beauty and homeware finds.

“Our styles are pretty similar. They change based on our mood. It’s so much fun to make a statement, we think the key is wearing things that are appropriate for the occasion.”

“This winter, the staple we’re loving is… Trench coats. So classic and stylish!”

“When it comes to shoes, we are an even split between heels and sneakers. We love a stylish heel but now there are so many good sneaker options too! The girly girl in us can’t go past a classic Jimmy Choo or Amina Muaddi heel, but we tend to wear sneakers more often at the moment.”

“Knee high boots — at the moment we love to wear them on mini skirts or as part of a co-ord blazer and skirt set. A good pair of knee high boots are worth the investment because they tend to be quite timeless!”

“Lip balms! We lose them all the time!”

“We both LOVE skincare and like to keep it simple, less tends to be more. We find that’s the best approach, for our skin anyway. At the moment it’s, a hydrating cleanser followed by a moisturiser, eye cream, SPF and lip balm. Then we’re ready for some makeup! We’ve also recently discovered to change products depending on how our skin feels. So for example, we might add oils and use a thicker moisturiser in winter because our skin is much drier.”

“This is a hard one! Lip colour, because that doubles as blush; Concealer, because nobody needs to see how tired we are; and mascara, so our eyes don’t look closed.”

“A scent we’re loving at the moment is Versace Blue!”

“Call us old fashion but we love a fully decked and set table! We love to have a centrepiece of some sort and then style the table around that. Usually depends on the event, but for special occasions, we love any excuse to take out some crystal glasses and some pieces that we’ve had in our family over the years. Small simple touches like serviette rings also really help to complete the look.”

“We love a good coffee table book, a nice scented candle and flowers - really anything that brings a sense of calm and relaxation!  We also like to include something sentimental on ours too, like a picture frame, or trinket - oh and of course coasters as we are avid tea drinkers!”