Whether you’re looking to fall pregnant, currently pregnant, or in the stages of post-pregnancy, you’ll already know — each stage comes with its own set of overwhelming information to navigate. From nutrition to supplements and preparation, it’s a mind-field, and that’s not even touching on the anxiety and stress that naturally comes along with each stage too.

Brittany Darling and Jacqueline Alwill know firsthand how difficult it can be. That’s why the pair, with their years of experience in the nutrition space, brought their latest venture, Day One Fertility, to life.

The platform offers courses catered to helping women feel confident and empowered by nutrition for fertility, with evidence-based, credible information that takes all the uncertainty out of it. The pair, both Accredited Nutritionists with more than 20 years experience between them, have poured their knowledge into Day One, offering up clear, concise and easy to digest courses that support women through their pregnancies.

What originally started as face-to-face workshops, of which were “sellouts”, the pair had to adapt when the pandemic hit. “We really had to pivot and, like most businesses, find a way to still support a community that we had grown and deliver the education that we spent so much time learning and being able to get it out there to the world,” Alwill explains.

“We decided to build an online education platform in nutrition to support women throughout their reproductive lifespan,” she adds. “That’s where it all come from originally.”

Day One Fertility launched in February 2022, with the pair’s first course Nutrition For Pregnancy. In the months following, they rolled out another course, Nutrition For Preconception & Fertility, as well as eBooks and meal plans, with another course due to launch before the end of the year.
“We came together to fill that gap and to provide people with the support, the education and the knowledge in a platform that we felt we just didn’t have,” says Darling.

With each Day One Fertility course, you’ll find videos, tip sheets, meal plans, recipes and access to practitioner only supplements, as well as face-to-face time with both Alwill and Darling. All of which can be done at your own pace.

“Importantly, for Brit and I, was that we come at it from a very practical perspective. We understand that nutrition science can be something that’s tricky for a lot of people to digest. It’s really important that we break it down, especially for a community that can feel so overwhelmed. Pregnancy can be a really overwhelming time,” Alwill says.

Darling adds, “We really have tried to focus on delivering information in a way that people can just take it and process, apply and then come back to the next point, instead of feeling like they’re having to do so much all at once. Because, we understand how overwhelming things are.”

On top of the pair’s experience — and clear passion — for nutrition and fertility, Alwill and Darling have five children between them, with their experiences with pregnancy and motherhood guiding how the Day One courses were put together. Instead of the traditionally “boring” and often complicated information that comes along with pregnancy, the business partners instead offer up the information they wish they’d had, delivered in a practical and inspiring way.

Naturally too, as Alwill and Darling go through such intimate moments with their community, from preconception to birth and beyond, they get to see firsthand the women in their courses through each stage. As Darling says, it’s “those moments that make it all worthwhile.”