It’s safe to say, everybody’s fitness routine has shifted in some way this year. Whether you’ve lacked the motivation for that virtual HIIT class or taken up daily walks and runs to find a sense of escape, our regular trips to the local gym being halted has meant a complete reworking of how and where we find that sweat session. If you’ve taken up the at-home alternative, you’ll have come across plenty of accessories designed to help you get the job done—but which ones exactly stack up against the hype?

If you’re looking to double down on your at-home workout game, especially as Australia heads into summer, there are a few fitness favourites that stand out from the rest. From equipment innovations you’ve probably never seen before, to decorative and stylish fitness accessories (yes, really), to those that will make you want to beat your own PB each week. Here, our breakdown of the best workout accessories to add to your daily grind, fit for every kind of fitness level.

While many fitness accessories were traditionally bulky (and unsightly), the world of fashion and health has long been blending, and thankfully, there are brands working to add a fashionable edge to your workout. From Bala’s weighted bangles (you know the ones), Power Ring and Bala Bar, right through to Alo Yoga’s stylish mats and more.

For those who are obsessed with monitoring their fitness, there are plenty of devices that are designed to help you do just that—from watches that track how many steps you take to skipping ropes that set your goals and the cult-exercise bike that has finally made its way Down Under, here are the workout accessories best fit for the tech-obsessed.

While it might seem obvious, there really is nothing more motivating than finding workout gear that really makes you want to get moving. Thankfully, the options are endless when it comes to fitness, with leggings, crops and matching sets from your favourite brands making it easy to complement your motivation to your activewear fit.

Image Credits: Nimble Activewear, Beach Riot, The Upside, Lurv Basics