When it comes to offering a perfect synergy of inner and outer beauty formulas, few brands are as pioneering as LAMAV. The Australian-founded organic beauty brand, known for its holistic solutions, expertly combines ancient wisdom and modern science by blending Ayurvedic traditions with native Australian plant extracts to deliver visible and transformative results. Every product is created using the highest-quality, most pure and potent ingredients, creating formulas that not only refresh and rejuvenate the skin but deliver age-defying results. As part of HER BLACK BOOK’s Festival of Her, a shopping event to support female-founded businesses, LAMAV founder Dr Tarj Mavi shares some insight into her impressive business journey so far.

“When I reflect on how and when the idea for LAMAV first took root, I feel lucky that in many respects, the process of developing the brand happened very organically. Having experienced first-hand how hormonal imbalances can affect the skin — I wanted to use my experience as a veterinarian, pathologist and research scientist to become a clean beauty pioneer and offer consumers a completely holistic approach to healing and caring for their skin. While it took a lot of trial and error in terms of finding bio-actives and ingredients that delivered the desired result, my determination was worth it!

“Similarly, the idea for launching a Wellbeing category earlier this year with our Ayurvedic Beauty Powder is something that also evolved very naturally—drawing on my own experiences and Indian heritage. Having always embraced a holistic approach to my own health and wellbeing — I inherently understood the intimate link between our inner and outer health and wanted to develop an inner beauty powder that reflected this philosophy. It was also important to me that this new category was as efficacious as our skincare, and complemented our existing range of products as well.”

“Launching a brand, product, service or business can be all-consuming so it’s important to be driven, but to also practise patience with yourself and not to worry too much if you falter at the first hurdle. Ultimately, if you believe in yourself and your idea, you will find success.”

“I think what I’m most proud of is that I never gave up — I held steadfast to my belief in my idea and inherently knew that if I was experiencing these skin issues, so were other women. At the time, most products on the market contained harsh chemicals and synthetic additives which I was determined to steer clear of as I wanted my brand to reflect my own holistic approach to health, beauty and wellbeing. So, although it didn’t happen overnight, I am proud of my dedication as we became the first Certified Organic skincare range in Australia to infuse bio-actives and deliver real, tangible results.”

“So many! Unfortunately, launching a business or a brand is a 24/7 job as in the beginning, it’s essentially just you. You are the content creator, marketing manager, wholesale director and product developer all rolled into one — so you have to be prepared to wear many hats. The biggest sacrifice was certainly time spent doing other things — whether that be time with my family and friends, or simply having leisure time to myself — I had to throw all my energy into launching LAMAV if it was going to come to life.”

“Self-determination. Launching a business can be all-consuming and without self-belief, motivation and an unwavering determination, it can be difficult to keep going when there are so many obstacles along the way. I’m thankful that I’m naturally curious and very self-determined so for me, launching LAMAV has been a combination of hard work and complete joy.”