When meeting with Nimbus Co founders, Su Tuttle and Neil O’Sullivan, one thing is glaringly obvious. The pair are passionate about wellness. From the physical to mental and emotional, everything the husband-and-wife duo have accomplished with their brand since its inception in 2016, is seeped with that clear enthusiasm at the forefront.

And while the first Nimbus Co space, in Bondi Beach, was brought to life after the pair fell in love with the ritual of regular infrared saunas, the concept has grown massively in the years since and now includes everything from ice baths to acupuncture, and massage. That growth has included new spaces in Byron Bay and Melbourne, and another soon-to-open in Manly.

The next instalment of the Nimbus Co brand is in keeping with that same philosophy, too — Nimbus Wellness. The newly launched digital platform has a holistic approach to wellness at its core, making the iconic Nimbus Co rituals accessible to everyone, regardless of location. As they describe, it’s “a place to come and experience these fundamentals.”

The result? An all-round approach to wellness that covers the “foundational elements to balanced health.”

The membership-based platform is built around three key principles; physical, mental and emotional. With the Nimbus Wellness hub you’ll find a comprehensive library of video, audio and digital resources, which features qualified and practicing health industry experts in their field, from Australia and beyond. Basically, it’ll completely transform your approach to wellness.

Here, get a breakdown of the three core Nimbus Wellness pillars, and what you can expect from each one.

Touching on the basics of movement and body, the platform has classes and workshops from industry experts. There’s a range of options too, so whatever kind of information or class you’re looking for can be found here. That includes Pilates classes from the team at Peaches Pilates to dance sessions and even fertility breakdowns with naturopath, Clinical Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator, Ema Taylor.

Perhaps one of the most important, but often overlooked, aspects of our wellness routines is ‘mental’. Nimbus Wellness puts it front and centre, giving access to a wide range of resources that aim to help. From sound healing to sleep guides and optimal breathing, it’s filled with experts and industry professionals to guide and refocus.

Tapping into what makes us feel joyful, the ‘emotional’ side of the multifaceted wellness platform includes everything from a breakdown of gut health (and how to manage it) to how to awaken pleasure and manage stress.