Alina Rose is one of Australia’s leading relationship, dating and feminine empowerment experts who has helped transform women’s lives for the last 18 years. Her background in behavioural science and communication skills have helped many women find love, focus and strength in a modern world.

Rose knows the importance of self-love and how it can help you make more empowered decisions when it comes to relationships. She founded her coaching business with a firm desire to help women decompress and regain their power using humour, honesty and a few quirky techniques that engage their intuition.

As part of Her Black Book’s ‘Love Edit’, we asked Alina Rose for advice on how to navigate the modern dating scene and guide you on how to tap into your Feminine Energy.

“My advice for anyone who is ready to get back into dating this year but is feeling a little bit apprehensive, is to remember that you are actually the creator of your own life. It’s likely you have a little bit of dating PTSD from over the past few years, so in your cells, in your nervous system, there is this expectation that perhaps this year is just going to be more of the same. But as we know, logically, the past doesn't have to equal the future. So before you just jump straight out there, do a little bit of an inventory from what you've learned from your past dating disappointments, what you like, what you don't like, what you wish you had done differently, and what would be the best outcome for your dating life in 2023. Then with that positive expectation, you can just go out and meet new people freshly, anticipating that you are going to get your positive result.”

“If you are constantly sabotaging yourself in relationships and making poor choices, the first thing that you need to realise is that it's a younger version of you that is driving the show. Perhaps it's the 13 year old in you that's dating or the 15 year old you. What I mean by that is we generally establish sabotaging patterns as a way for protecting ourselves when someone hurt us in the past. So we start to kind of push the other person away or make wrong choices, knowing that deep down this person will never really know our heart as a protection mechanism. Once you start to realise that there is the younger version of you who've had their heartbroken making decisions, you can rewrite your script of what the more empowered and wise version of you would do instead. What relationship choices would you make? How would you communicate? What boundaries are you going to draw?”

“For anyone wanting to explore an open relationship, I don't blame you. It is one of the fastest growing forms of non-traditional relationships that we have today. One in five people said that they'd be curious to try a model or a version of ethical non-monogamy. Of course, open relationships means that you are able to sexually and emotionally interact with people other than your primary partner. Beyond that, everything looks different to different couples and people in relationships. So it's up to you to negotiate what is appropriate, what a hard boundary is. With every person, it may be different. So the trick to that is constant communication, it's not just sexual exploration. With that sexual freedom and openness comes a lot more integrity and honesty and communication. If it's still something that excites you, then go for it.”

“The best way to connect with your feminine energy is to stop being everything for everyone. So us superwomen in 2023, we are so used to doing it all, and we often don't ask for help. Feminine energy is all about receptivity. The more that you allow yourself to receive and know that you are worthy of receiving. The more that your nervous system can relax and the more that you relax and the more space you create, the more bliss and pleasure and love you can let into your life.Sometimes our way of being super busy, always on, always go go go, is just a way for us to avoid intimacy. However, once we start to create space in our life, knowing that we're, we are supported and trusting the flow of life, then incredibly magical and beautiful things can come in. Because your whole nervous system is now allowing them.”