Summer has arrived, and the much-loved season is ushering in its signature long, sun-drenched days and balmy nights.

As the new season unfolds, it’s time to invite in all that it encompasses, including leisurely weekends spent in the sun, reconnecting with friends and family for festive celebrations, and, of course, indulging in outdoor activities that get our bodies moving.

But, as the warm weather fast approaches, we’re taking a new approach to ‘preparing’ for summer, as counting down with intensity is a thing of the past. Instead, we’re embracing a seasonal shift that encourages a more holistic attitude.

Below, the secrets to preparing for the summer season ahead, from the lululemon activewear you’ll love to outdoorsy activities and more. Be prepared for when those temperatures begin to soar!

Style Yourself Out In The Season’s Active Picks

There’s one way to make sure your summer is filled with movement, and that’s by equipping yourself with the season’s most stylish and practical activewear. There is one brand that is always a seamless thread in the fabric of summer adventures — lululemon.

This season’s pieces will provide comfort, functionality and a touch of style for all kinds of activities, like the brand’s new season Summer Whites collection, featuring lululemon’s new Wundermost Bodywear — warm, yet cool, and ‘smoother than the first sip of a peppermint latte’.

Designs like the Nulu Asymmetrical Bodysuit, made from a peach-fuzz soft version of lululemon’s Nulu fabric, are perfect for all kinds of summer plans, while the New Venture Blazer, designed for wherever you’re headed, combines lightweight and water-repellent fabric for a travel-friendly layer that helps you feel ready for anything.

There are also pieces fit for all kinds of movement, like the Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank 2.0 from the Swiftly Tech collection, powered by seamless construction. And for those who believe that feeling nothing is everything, the lululemon Align HR Short from the Align collection is the signature blend of weightless and buttery soft, so you can focus on what really matters.

Wundermost Ultra-Soft Nulu Asymmetrical Bodysuit



Swiftly Tech Racerback Tank Top 2.0



Tailor Your Skincare Routine

Just as winter prompts us to add an extra dose of hydration to combat dryness, summer calls for a necessary shift in our skincare routine too.

While SPF should always be a non-negotiable in everybody’s routine, summer is the time to go all-in on sun protection.

Simple swaps and additions can make all the difference in keeping your skin healthy and glowing, such as a spray mist for easy top-ups and glosses that provide an extra layer of defence.

On top of SPF, add an extra layer of protection with a hat. Our pick of the season is lululemon’s Fast and Free Running Hat perfect for those runs, or the Baller Hat Soft Embroidered, perfect for those on the move.

Women's Baller Hat Soft Embroidered



Embrace The Outdoors

With seasonal activewear to accompany you, and with the sun dominating the days, there’s an undeniable beckoning to get outdoors when summer hits — whether that be through beach swims amongst the crashing waves, the exhilaration of a mountain hike or simply setting up a picnic in the park, the warmer months offer a myriad of opportunities to infuse our activities with the beauty of the world around us.

No matter where you are, there are plenty of activities (and accessories) that make embracing the outdoors even more thrilling. Fit yourself with lululemon’s Back To Life bottle for constant hydration, or feel prepared with the brand’s Everywhere Bag.

Back to Life Sport Bottle 18oz Straw Lid



This season, we’re looking forward to embracing all kinds of new adventures.