If you’ve been a fan of Sally Obermeder’s for a while, you’ll already know the SWIISH CEO and co-founder is a big believer in a balanced approach to wellness. From exercise to supplements, mindset and nutrition, Obermeder has long been perfecting the art of putting in place those easy and simple habits that allow her to feel her best, from the inside out. Of course, that’s sometimes easier said than done and we’re all allowed a little indulgence from time to time, but as Obermeder regularly puts it, it’s these simple changes that can make all the difference.

In celebration of HBB’s spring Wellness Week, Obermeder took us behind-the-scenes of a typical day, sharing the ways she loves to incorporate wellness into her routine.

There's no denying exercise looks different for everybody, so finding the ways to move your body that truly brings joy is crucial. For Obermeder, daily movement comes in the form of a walk along the beach (with friends, of course, to make it not feel like exercise). So whether you follow suit, or prefer to stretch, run or HIIT, look to the movements that make you feel motivated.

Naturally, setting yourself up for a good day is key when it comes to feeling your best. For Obermeder, that includes a collection of SWIISH products that target a few key concerns — from energy to immunity and skin — which she takes consistently every morning. You can choose from a collection of the brand’s iconic products, or follow the co-founder’s lead with a mix of SWIISH’s Supergreen, Immunity and Glow powders.

That regular routine also includes Hair & Metabolism, as well as a Body Blitz on those super busy mornings.

For Obermeder, wellness isn’t all about the physical movement or supplements. It also means creating a space that brings a sense of happiness and calm. For her, that includes filling her work desk with things that are joyful reminders, from scents in the form of perfumes and candles (which you'll always find burning when she's in 'work' mode), as well as photos of her family.

Think about the pieces that make you happy and fill your space with it.