Sex toys have come a long way since being tucked away in the bedside table, taking centre stage in the sealed sections of glossy magazines and Charlotte York’s discovery of the Rabbit in Sex And The City. Instead, self-pleasure products have quickly become decorative (and prized) possessions to be shouted about from the rooftops and displayed decoratively on one’s nightstand, with the women who dare to be at the forefront of the self-pleasure revolution redefining what it means to take control of sexual wellness, removing the shame out of sexuality—for good.

While secretly tearing apart pages that promised to detail tips and tricks were the groundwork for the liberated now, female sexuality, intimacy and self-pleasure was often met with shame (hence, the sealed section), and the topic was often one we spoke of to no one, excluding, on occasion after a few too many wines. Now, it seems sex toys have become a product as exciting to share with friends and social media followers as a new clothing purchase or freshly-cooked meal.

Celebrities have since joined in on the sex-positive conversation. Dakota Johnson became an investor and co-creative director of Maude, a sexual wellness brand that’s gained a loyal following thanks to its sleek, structural toys in chic colours, with a mission that aims to rethink narratives around intimacy for all people regardless of gender, identity or race.

Cara Delevingne became a co-owner and creative advisor of Lora DiCarlo, a company that produces vibrators and toys that are “engineered to be inclusive, user-friendly and most importantly, mind-blowing”, with the model and actress even going as far to say: “Whoever said diamonds are a girl’s best friend never had the right vibrator.”

As controversial as some of her wellness offerings may be, there’s also no denying Gwyneth Paltrow’s brave and honest conversations in her Netflix series, The Goop Lab, and its particularly enlightening episode, ‘The Pleasure Is Ours’, presented pro-sex feminist and icon Betty Dodson to a whole new audience, providing a frank and honest discussion around self-pleasure.

Locally, outspoken voices like Abbie Chatfield have encouraged women to take control of their sexual satisfaction, with the former Bachelor contestant recently launching a collection with Vush, a sexual wellness brand that wants “you to love loving yourself”, which extended beyond a vibrator into vibrator-inspired jewellery.

As for renowned Psycho-Sexologist Chantelle Otton, it’s also the push toward sustainable sex toys that has become such a welcome narrative of late.

“From a professional and consumer perspective, it’s a good idea to talk about why sustainable sex toys are important,” she says. “Many people may not realise but sex toys can contribute to the landfill being added to our planet every day, which sucks because they are super important for our own sexual wellness.”

Here, take a look at the companies making a push toward taking control of your own sexual pleasure, while pushing for sustainable products that are as good for you as they are the environment.

“Lovehoney’s newest sustainable toy collection is the first collaboration between the brand and the luxury sustainable sex toy experts, Love Not War,” says Otton. “These lovely vibes are made from recycled, skin-friendly aluminium and soft, body-safe silicone. Not only do they look luxe, but they are being praised by the ‘green sex’ movement, which seeks to champion more sustainable pleasure products.”

Each toy is USB rechargeable, 100 percent waterproof, includes a travel lock and comes with a discreet storage bag made from bamboo. Basically, it’s good for the environment by ditching plastic packaging, avoiding disposable batteries, using sustainable product materials, all of which Otton describes as “good for our yummy bits.”

Sydney-based sexual wellness startup Normal Co is offering up a new way for Australians to explore sexuality that is “stress-free, stigma-free and regret-free.” As the company promises, sexuality and sustainability go hand-in-hand thanks to their compostable mailers and trade-in-device recycling program, while they push for equality with every purchase contributing to Minus18, a local charity supporting inclusion for LGBTQIA+ youth. Consumers can also pick what sex toy works best for them via a helpful quiz—just a few quick minutes and you’ll learn if you’re more suited to the Frankie, Billie, or Piper (or others from the colourful range).

United by a common mission, rosewell was launched to create a refined approach to sexual wellness, one that the brand believes should come as naturally and normally as finding skincare. That ethos rings true when looking at rosewell’s offerings, which are presented as beautifully and artistically as any other of your favourite beauty products, with sleek and modern looking vibrators made from medical-grade silicone, perfectly paired alongside Australian made oils and considered, thought-provoking card games designed to enhance the sexual experience.

With its distinctly vibrant products, Vush is a wellness brand creating change by transforming the conversation around pleasure, wellbeing and self-love. Its most recent collaboration, with Abbie Chatfield, has seen sellout success, taking the reality star’s signature bold, powerful and fun personality into its products, designed for users to “claim their power.” The self-pleasure brand has also cultivated a community of loyal fans who swear by their products (and often turn to each other for advice). It’s inclusive, and it’s fun, all of what the new wave of sex toys is all about.

Image Credits: Get Maude, Lora DiCarlo, rosewell