From Chrissy Teigen celebrating 50 days of sobriety with her more than 35 million Instagram followers to local faces like Irene Falcon—the brains behind clean living powerhouse Nourished Life—launching Sans Drinks, a super-store for non-alcoholic beer, wine and spirits, it seems a growing number of people are deciding to take a step back from alcohol to focus on more mindful consumption.

The sober-curious movement has only been bolstered by the pandemic too, with many looking to make more conscious decisions when it comes to health as a whole. Instead, the non-alcoholic world has quickly gravitated from a few products not poised to stand up to the shift, to a flavourful collection of non-alcoholic beers, wines, spirits and more, being offered easily and readily for those keen to try it out.

Just ask Sherif Goubran and Marc Naggar, co-founders of Craftzero, a marketplace for artisan non-alcoholic beverages with a mission to revolutionise the way people drink. In 2020, the duo, after having worked in the liquor industry for close to a decade, decided to begin exploring the world of non-alcoholic drinks, and after seeing the quality being produced, decided to shift their entire business to alcohol-free. It was a savvy decision too, with sales of their non-alcoholic offerings booming in recent months.

“We realised there was a demand for non-alcoholic beverages in Australia and there were no proper online stores to offer such a large selection on a single platform,” says Goubran. “At the time, we decided to import a large selection from the UK, who were leading the trend at the time, as well as beers from the USA. We stocked products exclusively on Craftzero that had not been available to the Australian market before, and were blown away by the level of response and continued to grow from there.”

As for why the space continues to see such growth, Goubran believes the lockdowns finally gave consumers the space to “think about their health and their relationship with alcohol.”

“We have definitely seen a shift in consumer behaviour towards healthier alternatives without compromising quality or experience,” he says. “The non-alcoholic movement is changing our Australian drinking culture, which is a positive. The change has come about by young consumers aged 25-45 showing interest in socialising clear-minded without the downsides of alcohol. They choose to drink more sophisticated, healthier alternatives rather than sugary soft drinks.”

It’s not unsurprising so many are leaning into sober-curiosity either, with not only an entirely abundant array of selections to try out, but obviously, it means not dealing with the all-too-familiar aftermath of drinking.

“You could still enjoy the flavours of a Negroni, spritz, Sauvignon Blanc or a pale ale without having to put up with the downsides of alcohol. Non-drinkers could still hold a fancy wine glass and feel like they are enjoying a sophisticated grown-up drink and be inclusive without compromise. It seems that lockdown has been the perfect opportunity for Australians to rethink a healthier lifestyle including a healthier relationship with alcohol.”

Craftzero Beer Box 4.0: “This is our ultimate mixed beer case which has 24 of our most sold beers in one bundle.”

Craftzero Wine Alternative Mix Box: “This bundle contains 12 of our favourite wines. It's a great way to discover non-alcoholic wines and find a wine to suit your palate.”

Heaps Normal Quite XPA: “This one’s our top-selling beer by far and an excellent flavour profile.”

Big Drop Pale Ale Pine Trail: “Simply a personal favourite.”

Athletic Brewing Run Wild IPA: “This has a deep golden colour and is full of flavour. We were the first to import Athletic to Australia from the USA, so proud of this achievement.”

Below, take a look at some other incredible retailers offering up non-alcoholic selections.

While Adelaide-based Juice Traders is a go-to for all your natural wine needs—from bold reds to orange wines and even exclusive collaborations with some of their favourite local winemakers—they also offer up a great range of zero alcohol alternatives, from Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic White Cane Spirit perfect for Mojito lovers to various NON selections, including the SEVEN, Stewed Cherry & Coffee, perfect for those craving Lambrusco’s.

After setting her sights on revolutionising the beauty industry for good through Nourished Life, Irene Falcon set her sights on cleaning up another industry—Sans Drinks, a superstore for those looking to discover non-alcoholic alternatives they love. The selection here really is unmatched, and for those not knowing where to start, the site breaks it down into categories, and even has plenty of mocktail recipes to get stuck into, so you’re sure to find the right alternative.

Image Credits: Juice Traders, Sans Drink, Craft Zero