“Created with love.” That’s the phrase Australian candle brand, Three Suns, lives by. Founded by Lauren Hearn and her eldest son, 11-year-old Wyatt, the local label’s story is touchingly unique.

It wasn’t created with the original intention of selling product, but instead, built with the purpose to leave a positive impact on the world. In 2019, Wyatt was diagnosed with dyslexia and ADHD, and as a means of coming to terms, the pair set out on a venture that aimed to “share as much love” as they could with others that were struggling. As a result, the mother-son duo dipped into the power of crystals — which eventuated into what the brand is today.

“Mental health played a big part in this story, that’s the big thing,” Lauren shares with Her Black Book.

Following his diagnosis, Wyatt “naturally gravitated” towards crystals, as Lauren explains. “He found my old crystal collections and when he was learning, he would roll the stones between his hands to calm him down. He would keep them in his pocket at school and he would sit them near his bed and that would help him sleep.”

Putting two and two together, Lauren and Wyatt developed what is now the Three Suns brand. Every aspect of the business has its values uniquely woven throughout, as the founder says. From the name, which is inspired by all three of Lauren’s sons, Wyatt, Laken and Hunter, to individual scents, names and even the boxes, where you’ll find the mother and son’s story under the lid. For Lauren, this was a big part of injecting the pair, and their family, into the creations. A way, she says, to “sprinkle a little bit of our world into yours.”

The brand’s Candle Of Love, or Agapi, pays homage to Lauren’s Greek heritage and mother, while the Candle of Positivity and Candle of Tranquility are named after Lauren’s two other sons, Laken and Hunter. Her grandmother Lois, who passed away from cancer, is the Candle of Healing, while her husband, Danial, is the Candle of Protection. Wyatt’s is especially moving, The Candle of Strength.

It’s not just in the name either, because each piece is carefully curated to the individual personality they were inspired by.

“Agapi, or love, is naturally Rose Quartz,” Lauren says, explaining the pair’s inspirations. “When it came to strength for Wyatt, the Sodalite and White Quartz is all about him believing in himself and giving himself courage to be the best he can be. Laken being the most happy, bubbly kid out of the three sons was the candle of positivity, because he just lights up the room and Hunti is my calming soul in the family, which is why he’s tranquility. So the names align with something that’s important to us as a family, but also their personality traits.”

Another detail of the business that was especially important to Lauren was using Australian-made and sourced products. From the 100% natural soy wax right down to the brand’s manufacturing processes, “from wicking to sticking to mixing to pouring”. It’s a part of their business Lauren hopes to never lose, no matter how large they grow.

“I still handwrite everything today, I handwrite every single love letter to every single customer that buys online,” she says. “And I don’t want that to change, I want it to stay true to our family values and I want to work hard to keep it like that. Some businesses get bigger and they lose that beautiful family value feel.”

While the brand is only in its infancy, having officially launched in March 2021, they already have their sights set on expanding the range. “Next year, we have the most unbelievable new line coming out,” Lauren shares.

“At the moment we’ve tapped into the crystal lovers, next year, without giving too much away, we’re tapping into the more minimalist customer, someone who is more into the earthy, organic and natural. And there’s no crystal on top, which I think will be game-changing.”

Think sleek, simple designs that focus on fragrance, Lauren further hints.

While growing the business has been an incredible and rewarding experience for both Lauren and Wyatt, it’s naturally, not all been smooth sailing.

“Being an entrepreneur, I just have to take risks and be okay with failing. If you’re going to be a business owner, you need to get comfortable with failing because it happens all the time. I fail nearly every week.”

That’s the learning Lauren has taken from the past few years, and something she encourages others to embrace too if they’re looking to venture out.

“Failure to me is an opportunity to learn and if you’re learning you’re growing — so it’s a win win! Keep focused in your lane and your target audience and just give it a red hot crack.”